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For this collection campaign we decided to take a different approach to planning our photoshoot. We’ve noticed that you have really responded to our images of “real” women, be it us in HQ or an influencer on Instagram. Compared to an image of our clothes on a model. So we thought, what if we use two ladies we know and who encapsulate what we envision the Solito woman to be.

We have known Ellen for just over a year now, thanks to the beauty and nature of Instagram bringing us together. A radiant person from the inside out we knew it would be a blast to work with Ellen on this campaign.

Lucy is a close friend and someone who is free spirited often juggling multiple jobs and then traipsing around the world. We knew she would bring these new styles to life, celebrating their travel inspired prints.

Both Ellen & Lucy wear a size small throughout the shoot.

Ellen wears the Safaa Flare Top and Safaa Wide Leg Pant
Lucy wears the Safaa Shirt Dress
Lucy wears the Aziza Embroidered Tunic
Lucy wears the Fatima Maxi in Mustard and Ellen wears the Fatima Maxi in Black
Ellen wears the Tunisian Float Shirt Dress
Ellen wears the Tunisian Tunic and Lucy wears the Tunisian Blouse & Tunisian Skirt
Lucy wears the Hasma Net Blouse
Ellen wears the Hasma Frill Dress
Lucy wears the Berber Blouse
Ellen wears the Salma Shirt Dress in Midnight Blue

Get to know our real world models

Q&A with Ellen Robbins

What was the thought process and reason behind changing your blog from The Stylist Mama to your own personal brand under Ellen Robbins?

I decided to hang up my blogging boots this time last year because I was really ready to get back into hair and makeup and saw the perfect opportunity to take my brand to the next level. Now I am able to work with brands that I had blogged about and work with them on a deeper level. Working with them on campaigns, shoots, and events! I think that’s where my true passion always has been. Blogging is SO fun and exciting but being able to be on set creating the looks that are then released to the world is so amazing!

When do you feel the most confident?

I feel most confident when I’m working. It’s a time to be creative and bring out the beauty of your client or model. Working in the beauty industry may appear to be quite full on, but when you are surrounded by like minded people its super empowering and encouraging.

How would you best describe your style?

My style is very “relaxed-statement” I think. I have a love affair with certain elements of a look, I tend to wear only dresses at the moment, with a cute bag and I always wear sandals (never really a closed in shoe kinda girl) – that’s my go to look. I will always mix it up now and then but a WOW dress is probably my signature 😉

How did you first come across Solito?

I came across Solito at Mama’s Home! A boutique in Brisbane and I just fell in love with the fabrics and shapes. I have always been a bit boho at heart and just loved the way the clothes sat on me and the WOW moment when you find an eclectic print 🙂

What was your favourite moment from the shoot at the Powerhouse?

My favourite moment of the shoot was seeing the new designs for the first time! It always so exciting to see what is coming out for the new season, the colours are divine and compliment so many women! So proud to be a Solito chick! 

What is your favourite style from our latest collection?

My favourite style from the new range is the Fatima Maxi in Black with the pink and mustard embroidery. Love it as I am able to wear it to work, and out and about! It always gets compliments!

Q&A with Lucy Dennet

How would you best describe your style?

It changes depending on how I feel, I’m a bit of a chameleon and change my style from day to day! I love a good quality vintage find, some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe right now are from a vintage store in Amsterdam.  For summer I do tend more towards a beachy boho vibe as it’s easy and suits my lifestyle. 

What lead to you becoming the fit model for us at Solito?

I met Liv (co-owner of Solito) through a friend at a Christmas dinner party. I remember complimenting her on the dress she was wearing, when she told me it was her own label I was so impressed! We ran into each other a few more times at dinner parties or a random beach day and one day Liv asked if I would be interested in doing some fit modelling for Solito. I was so keen! I absolutely love the fit sessions, it’s just like a big catch up where I get to try on lots of amazing new pieces! 

Have you ever thought of getting into the modelling industry?

Only recently! After having shot a TV commercial and having SO much fun shooting this campaign with Solito, I’ve thought about creating a portfolio. It’s so great to work with these savvy and creative people – it doesn’t even feel like work!

What brings a smile to your face?

Surfing! I spend a lot of time in Byron and Noosa surfing some of the best point breaks in the world.  If you see me surfing a beautiful long peeler, you just can’t wipe the smile off my face! There’s nothing quite like catching the perfect wave. It’s the best feeling in the world.

What country is next on your list?

I am off to Europe this winter to escape the cold! Starting in the Greek Islands, then Italy, France, Spain and Portugal! Ticking off one of those bucket list items by cycling part of the L’Alpe D’Huez during the Tour de France. And of course sipping on Aperol Spritz and eating all the carbs!

What was your favourite moment from the shoot at the Powerhouse?

It’s hard to pin down a specific moment, the whole day was so much fun. The team at Solito are just gorgeous human beings and are such a pleasure to be around, let alone work with.  A highlight for me was definitely meeting the little ray of sunshine that is Ellen Robbins! Her bubbly personality kind of set the tone for the day. There were lots of laughs shooting with her which I loved! 

We hope you love our latest collection Road to the Red Valley and enjoyed getting to know Ellen & Lucy!

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